The Silver Ninja® is a book series about a female superheroine who has been imbued with a high-tech nanosuit. But the side effects of being super powered have taken a heavy toll on her life and the people who love her.

[Latest News] 1/11/2015

Silver_Sword_AnimationHi everyone, Wilmar here. Now that The Silver Ninja books 1 and 2 have been out for almost two years. I figured it was time to share my plans for the future of this book series. Originally, the idea was to immediately start work on Book 3 and have that published by 2015.

This is no longer going to happen.

I have come to realize that I am too bothered and disappointed by the end result of Book 1 of The Silver Ninja. Though I’ll always love it like a first born, I cannot look at it without disdain. I don’t want my writing legacy to start with one of the worst written books of 2013. Therefore, I have decided to re-write the book from scratch. The prose, the plot, and the characters are all being overhauled by what I’ve learned in my writing journey. I want -you- the reader, to be excited about the new changes and to want to read a book that I think will be one of my finest works yet.

I have 6 out of 30 chapters completed and hope to have the entire book finished this year. However, if I feel the book is not good enough to be published, I will postpone the release date until it is. When I released the 1st book, I published it because I wanted to make it real and tangible. I was not happy with the prose but hey, I’m finally an author! Now that I am an author, I feel that I cannot finish this series until the first book is as great as the last. I love the changes so far and can only see a bright future ahead for Cindy and her friends.

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