Where have I been? May 2021 Update.

Hello my ninja readers,

As you’ve seen on my home page, there hasn’t been a post on my website since February of 2021.

Well there’s a simple reason for this.

I am getting married.

That’s it. You ever plan a wedding without a wedding planner? Yeah, it’s not fun, especially when hidden costs show up that you didn’t budget for.

The wedding has taken all of my time and energy. I haven’t been able to write blogs or newsletters all because of my wedding.

To make matters worse, some health issues cropped up that threw a wrench in our plans. Don’t worry, it wasn’t Covid and I wasn’t the one affected, but the unexpected crisis added more stress to an already stressful situation.

I have also returned onsite to my job and so I’m balancing a full-time job, recovering from the crisis, and trying to figure out how I’m going to finish paying off the wedding.

However, I do have good news. I have continued to write more chapters for Narco Hotel and am currently working on the climax of the novel. With all the stressors going on in my life, it has been the hardest it has ever been for me to muster up the will to write. Writing blogs and newsletters is much less stressful than coming up with story content that’s supposed to thrill and excite.

In other news, I have kept an eye on the website traffic and I have seen that a lot of you are looking for news or content to read. Don’t worry, after the wedding is over I will get back to a normal schedule of posting monthly content. I also plan on posting some more educational content in regards to writing and editing.

If you want to help ease my stress so that I could focus on writing. Please consider picking up a copy of A Bitter Winter if you haven’t done so already, or pick it up for someone who enjoys female superheroes and sci-fi. Every book purchased will reduce my anxiety over finances and also go towards Narco Hotel production costs.

But most of you who read this blog have already bought the book. That’s fine, I thank you for supporting me!

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DD8GFMV

Other retailers: https://www.thesilverninja.com/books/bitter-winter-silver-ninja-book-1/

(If you read the book already, please consider leaving a review. Not just stars, it’s important for me to know what you liked and hated from the book. Thank you!)

Lastly, I found this random video of Vice news interviewing a New Yorker who created the character of Spider-Cuz. I thought to myself, if superheroes were real and they were legit from New York (and not a transplant), Spider-Cuz would absolutely be the product of a New Yorker with super powers. If Cindy was originally from New York, she might have ended up like Spider-Cuz too.

I Probably won’t have an update in June because of the honeymoon but we should be back to our regularly scheduled programming in July.

Talk to you all soon!

Wilmar Luna

Wilmar Luna

Couldn't be a superhero in real life so he decided to write his own. When he's not creating empowered female characters he can be found watching films, reading books, and playing lots of video games. Buy his books here: https://www.thesilverninja.com/purchase/