Sample Chapter – Officer 2

Hey guys, the blog I was originally working on ended up taking a little bit more time than I had anticipated. So rather than miss a week I decided to upload a rough draft of some of Cindy’s police backstory. I think the cop stories are one of the... 

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It’s time to pre-order The Silver Ninja

Good news everyone! A unique opportunity has presented itself for me to publish The Silver Ninja 2.0 through a website called Inkshares. What is Inkshares you ask? Well it is the equivalent of Kickstarter for books. If you reach a goal of 750 preorders for an e-book or 1,000... 

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Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising Book Review

Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising was the longest, dullest, most terribly written P.O.S. I have ever read. Again I have to ask, “How did this author become a multi-million dollar best seller?” I was the target demographic for this book. It had airplane battles (sorely lacking in detail), naval... 

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Home Stretch 10 Chapters To Go!

Home Stretch ladies and gents! The Silver Ninja Edition 2 is finally within 10 chapters of completion and I cannot . . . freaking . . . wait! After the rough draft is done I move onto editing which is a hell of a lot easier than coming up... 

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How to write a bad ass female character for your novel

In fiction, authors sometimes struggle with writing a bad ass female character that isn’t a Mary Sue. Most authors assume that to create a bad ass female character, she only needs to be great at fighting. Or they make her so physically resilient that even getting hit by a... 

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