Beta Read Sign Ups (Win a free copy of The Silver Ninja)

So, crap! I had written a blog at work that was edited and ready to go but I guess it didn’t save to my gmail drive. Dang it! Well that’s okay, because today’s blog is going to be short. I know the review of Watchmen is pending but I... 

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How to write an Action Scene for your novel

If there’s one thing I did right on my first two books, it was the action scenes. No, I’m not saying that to stroke my ego or anything like that. This is based off of reader reviewers and beta readers who didn’t necessarily like the book but loved the... 

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How to write a bad ass female character for your novel

In fiction, authors sometimes struggle with writing a bad ass female character that isn’t a Mary Sue. Most authors assume that to create a bad ass female character, she only needs to be great at fighting. Or they make her so physically resilient that even getting hit by a... 

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My chat with a Senior Creative Writer

One of the perks at working at a video game company is that you can tap into resources you’ve never had access to before. For this blog, I got to speak with the Senior Creative Writer at R* and discussed what the writing process is like when you’re responsible... 

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Keeping the Reader engaged

Hi all, for this post I’d like to talk about how to keep a reader engaged.   In today’s modern era of television, internet, texting, social media, *insert distraction here* it’s almost impossible to hold someone’s attention. People want results quickly so that they can get back to whatever... 

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