John Henry – A film that promises you one thing and gives you another.

If you were on Netflix during the month of May, you might have seen a striking image of Terry Crews holding a sledge hammer. His name . . .  John Henry. An ex-gang member encounters two immigrant kids being chased by a Southern Los Angeles gang. It’s up to... 

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What is Procrastination?

For those who don’t follow me on twitter, I recently tweeted about my struggles with procrastination. If you want to read it to have context for what this blog post is about, click here: https://twitter.com/WilmarLuna/status/1243238068909375492?s=20 The common misconception about procrastination is that it is often associated with laziness. Although... 

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Seis Manos – an adult show that looks like it’s for kids.

Seis Manos is Netflix original animated series with a wonderfully unique take on the occult and a hybrid mix of Mexican and Chinese culture. Unfortunately, a tone-deaf presentation makes it impossible to have any emotional investment in the characters and outcomes of the story. What is Seis Manos about?... 

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A Ninja vs. a Mexican Drug Cartel

Happy 2020 everyone! If you’re still reading my blog in 2020, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your support allows me to continue writing more books for YOU to enjoy. Lord knows the writing is not always fun. Since I haven’t had time to read any novels... 

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2020 and Beyond

This will be a life update blog today. No book reviews or reviews of shows on Netflix. Just a state of the nation and what’s been going on with the minimal updates to the blog and no news on the next book. First, I do want to disclose that... 

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