It’s time to pre-order The Silver Ninja

Good news everyone! A unique opportunity has presented itself for me to publish The Silver Ninja 2.0 through a website called Inkshares.

What is Inkshares you ask? Well it is the equivalent of Kickstarter for books. If you reach a goal of 750 preorders for an e-book or 1,000 preorders for a print book. Inkshares will help you market, edit, represent, and publish your book. The catch? They take a publisher royalty fee.


The goal that I chose was 1,000 preorders over the 750 for an e-book. The reason I did that was because I wanted to go big or home. If I hit 750 for an e-book in preorders what’s the point in that? I can already create and format books for free as an e-book, so 750 to me wouldn’t feel like an accomplishment. As someone who has had to work his ass off to learn everything about publishing, writing, and formatting. 1,000 had to be my goal.




Very simple really. If my book gets selected to join the Nerdist collection, there may be opportunities to turn The Silver Ninja into: An audiobook, a comic book, a TV series, or a film. These folks will have access to media contacts that will bring me one step closer to seeing my dream come true, The Silver Ninja as a feature film.


So if you want to read a comic book, or listen to the book on the go, or potentially see who would be cast to play Cindy in a film. Then all you have to do is pre-order. Simple.


If this doesn’t hit the funding goal, don’t worry, I’ll still publish the book but the chance of seeing it in other media formats will be very slim. I can’t really turn the book or franchise into something more exciting unless people are interested. So show your interest!


If you wish to pre-order The Silver Ninja 2.0 please click the banner below.

Wilmar Luna



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