The Silver Ninja: Indoctrination

Buttons – 4 stars wow. a new female superhero! It’s about time. This book is not my usual preferred style, I’m more of an epic fantasy lover.
I really did think it was well thought out, brilliantly written and full of high octane action! The characters are well rounded, you can empathise with them, even the villain. a great read if you like high-tech, action packed books..”

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Gareth Dawson – 7 out of 10 enjoyed this book.You can tell because I finished it (I make a point of never reading a book I don’t enjoy to the end) and I finished it in a short amount of time (again one of the things I use to measure my enjoyment of a book). Indoctrination is the second book in the Silver Ninja series, but knowledge of the first book is not necessarily required to enjoy it. I, at the time of writing this review, have not read the first Silver Ninja book and did not find this a problem at all – though I will be checking the first book out in the very near future and I believe that I would have enjoyed it even more had I read it first. The story is set in a near-future/alternate present America, it’s familiar yet original, and has an imaginative use of technology as part of it’s narrative.”

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K.S. Marsden – 5 stars The first book was one big adventure; lots of promise, but plenty of room for improvement.
(See review of The Silver Ninja)
My major problem was with Cindy herself, and I am so relieved to say that she is much easier to get on with in this book. In fact, everything works better.

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The Silver Ninja

Indiefantastic – 4 Stars I thought that Cindy was a fantastic female protagonist. I really enjoyed the journey Luna sent her on, and I could personally identify so much with her reaction to the ‘incident’ on her way home (I don’t want to go all spoilery if I can possibly help it). It’s that moment when something happens that makes you realise you’re not invincible, and that you’re living in a world with some genuinely vile people in it. I think that’s a moment that a lot of readers, perhaps female readers especially, will identify strongly with. It was great to see so many sides to her; the wit and banter between her and her Sister (“‘roid rage” had me chuckling), the physical strength, the emotional frailty, the intense curiosity, and, essentially, the bravery and determination she displays. I thought the back story reveal was very nicely done, and her issues with food were, again, something so powerful in terms of connecting with readers and really showing us who she is and what she deals with internally. It’s not often in SF I’ve seen a male writer write a female character so skilfully.”

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Melissa .197 – 3 Stars “If you like a strong female character, I highly recommend that you read this. It’s got lots of action scenes and the storyline is a pretty good one. There’s humor to keep you amused and there are plenty of thrills to hook you in.”

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Litbug- 3 Stars “A sci-fi novel with a strong female protagonist is always a pleasant change in the male-dominated SF world. Assuming that by the blurb, everyone is aware of the basic plot, I will skip it. Overall, it is a good read, and a pretty good attempt by the author considering it is his first book. There are some serious flaws in this work, but it does also have immense redeeming qualities as well. It is quite obviously a flaw of mismanagement of the novel rather than an intellectual flaw. An artistic issue, not an ideological one. And it is better it is not the other way round.”

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Radio Interview with WBCOWGEL (Click to listen) on April 18th, 2013 at 9:00am [Will Beard] Bucyrus, OH.

Radio Interview with WTBQ on April 25th, 2013 at 7:05am [The Frank Truatt Show] Warwick, NY.


Quick Bio:Wilmar Closeup Headshot B&W for web

Wilmar Luna (1984) was born in Trenton, New Jersey, to Guatemalan immigrant parents, born in the United States, grew up in Hamilton, New Jersey, and studied Television production at Mercer County Community College.

I am a huge and avid gamer. In fact, it is through the video games Terminator 2029 and Metal Gear Solid, that I came up with The Silver Ninja™ book series.

Actually, come to think of it. The Pink Ranger from the original Power Ranger series was probably a strong influence in why I created my own superheroine. Even though Kimberly (The Pink Ranger) was a typical valley girl. She was very strong, competitive, always had her friends back, and beautiful. Could you tell I had a huge crush on her?

I’m pretty sure that young me only watched the show to see her. Which wasn’t really surprising. I was also a huge fan of She-Ra and He-Man. So what does that say about me?

I’m a strong supporter of women’s rights and would love to see them portrayed more positively in mainstream media. My dream is for my character Cindy Ames to become a positive role model for younger generations to come.

I enjoy reading any genre of book, but I don’t have much time to read as much as I’d like to. It probably doesn’t help that I spend way too much time gaming on the PC, but then again, it’s that gaming bug which gives me the ideas for my stories.”