Keeping the Reader engaged

Hi all, for this post I’d like to talk about how to keep a reader engaged.   In today’s modern era of television, internet, texting, social media, *insert distraction here* it’s almost impossible to hold someone’s attention. People want results quickly so that they can get back to whatever... 

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Is your low self-esteem getting in your way?

Let’s get something out in the open.   I am -not- a talented writer. I never claimed to be, no one told me I am, and there have definitely been times where I felt like I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.   Yet I’m still writing.... 

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SHIFT by Hugh Howey (Book Review)

. . .   I hate this book.   Maybe hate is too strong a word. Disappointed and let down is probably a better descriptor. After all, there were some good parts scattered in bits and pieces till the end. Anyway, I’ve always hated prequels and this book only... 

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I received my first fan letter

A few weeks ago, after I officially announced the removal of The Silver Ninja book one from store shelves. I received a most unexpected e-mail. (DISCLAIMER: I fixed some typos in his note prior to posting.)   Dear Mr. Luna, I bought both your books and I was instantly... 

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How do I write interesting characters?

Two years ago I thought I knew how to write interesting characters. Two years later I found out that I didn’t have a clue. Today I think I’ve found the answer to the age old question: How do I write interesting characters? It took two published books, critical reviews,... 

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