The Edge of No Return

Hello readers, I have reached the edge of no return. Beyond this line is a factory which contains a mold cutout of my book. Once I place this stack of papers into the mold, the machine will begin assembling my idea into a physical, tangible paperback novel. As I... 

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Home Stretch 10 Chapters To Go!

Home Stretch ladies and gents! The Silver Ninja Edition 2 is finally within 10 chapters of completion and I cannot . . . freaking . . . wait! After the rough draft is done I move onto editing which is a hell of a lot easier than coming up... 

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Writing and Painting are the same thing

While working on edition 2 of The Silver Ninja and my top secret military novella. I realized that writing and painting are the same thing but look different. I would often watch livestreams from Stanley “Artgerm” Lau (who owns the studio I commission for cover artwork) and watch him... 

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DUST book review

DUST by Hugh Howey is the third and final book in the WOOL series. It returns to the roots of the first book and gives us that final and satisfying conclusion we were all waiting for.   Oh wait. Did I say satisfying? I meant disappointing, uninteresting, and anti-climactic.... 

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I think I’m obsessed

Hi everyone. This week and possibly the next few weeks might be lacking in updates. No, it’s not because I have nothing to share but rather because I’ve fallen into a rabbit hole and the dirt is crumbling underneath my fingers. I am once again enamored with the world... 

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