Writing the Re-write: Re-read

Now that we’ve got our calendar, let’s continue with the next phase of the re-write pre-production process. Re-reading your work.   If you’re an author who only has one book under his or her belt, this step won’t apply to you. But then again, if you’re an author already... 

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Writing the Re-write: Timeline

Okay, welcome to the first official blog entry of Behind the Scenes: Re-writing Silver. If you’re interested in the behind the scenes of writing a book, this blog is for you. For this entry, I want to discuss the prep work needed before putting even a single letter on... 

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Writing the Re-write: Brainstorming

So the process has started on the book 1 re-write. I’m not posting the new blog yet, but I am going to share with you one of the struggles I’m already having out of the gate. In the 1st edition of the book, it starts with Cindy running through... 

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June 25th 99 cents flash sale on Indoctrination!

Hi everyone, On June 25th I will be participating in Archangelink Buck Books For one day only, The Silver Ninja: Indoctrination will be .99 cents. At midnight, it’ll be back up to $7.99. This is a pretty significant discount, so if you want to jump in on this then... 

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