Raven One by Kevin P. Miller (Book Review)

Raven One by Kevin Miller was quite possibly one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had in a military genre book. After coming off a series of boring technical manuals from Tom Clancy, Red Storm Rising and The Cardinal in the Kremlin, Raven One was a refreshing, suspenseful, and... 

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The Witch Hunter Trilogy by K.S. Marsden (Book Review)

THE SHADOW RISES   (Normally I don’t like to add these little disclaimers but I have to make an exception for this review because the author has helped me by participating in beta reads and reviewing my work. I am now here to return the favor. So yes, I... 

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Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising Book Review

Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising was the longest, dullest, most terribly written P.O.S. I have ever read. Again I have to ask, “How did this author become a multi-million dollar best seller?” I was the target demographic for this book. It had airplane battles (sorely lacking in detail), naval... 

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How to write an Action Scene for your novel

If there’s one thing I did right on my first two books, it was the action scenes. No, I’m not saying that to stroke my ego or anything like that. This is based off of reader reviewers and beta readers who didn’t necessarily like the book but loved the... 

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Batman Arkham Knight first impressions

For those of you new to my blog . . . I PLAY A LOT OF F—ING VIDEO GAMES!   I mean, I work at a video game company for cryin’ out loud. Video games are a huge part of my life and if it wasn’t for the life-changing... 

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