Writing Sample 2

The sun began receding into the western horizon, prompting Cindy to accept the fact that she needed to go home. While walking back towards the train station, she spotted two men entering a grocery store with a third man standing outside in a very fidgety manner. She could sense her gut telling her, something’s not right. She felt sick to her stomach and wanted to go home, but her conscience wouldn’t let her leave unless she knew everything was OK. Cindy hid in the shadows of a building across the street and watched the men like a hawk.
There was still a little bit of daylight left, so she wasn’t quite certain if her intuition was correct. It would be a very stupid move for these guys to try to rob a store while there were still plenty of people walking the streets, but she stayed just a little longer regardless. Over time, the man standing outside would swivel his head with increasing frequency. He tapped his foot and couldn’t seem to keep his hands in one spot. Something was going to go down—she could feel it rattling her bones. Instead of waiting for someone to get shot, Cindy sprung into action. She ducked into a darkened alleyway and transformed herself into the Silver Ninja.
When the transformation was complete, she used her binoculars to zoom into the grocery store. She observed the two men and witnessed them pulling out weapons in front of the store clerk. There wasn’t much time for Cindy to react; someone was about to get hurt in less than two minutes. Cindy ducked back into the alleyway and leapt from wall to wall, like a reversed Pachinko machine. Upon reaching the roof, Cindy activated her grappling hook and vaulted across the busy street to the grocery store rooftop. She turned herself upside down and rappelled down the line like a spider. Her head dropped down behind the unassuming suspect as he continued to watch each corner of the city street.
She hung behind the unassuming lowlife for several seconds until he took a step backward and banged his cranium onto Cindy’s helmet. He gasped in fright and turned around, only to gaze deep into Cindy’s glowing blue eyes. “Hello,” she said, while snatching him into a headlock. She retracted her grappling hook and pulled the scum up towards the top of the building. She muffled his screams until he fell unconscious in her arms. Once at the top, she tied the grapple line around his ankles and dropped him down the side of the building. His unconscious body swung back and forth as Cindy dropped down and entered the grocery store. Passersby looked at the dangling body and stayed away from the unconscious perpetrator as if he had a contagious disease. Eventually, one of the streetwalkers pulled out a cell phone and finally called the police.
Cindy took two steps inside the grocery store and stood in front of the door with a bold stance. The two suspects turned in her direction and fell in awe to the metal behemoth that blocked the path before them. Although she was short in height, the suit enhanced her physique to give her a dominating presence that no mere mortal would dare stand against. Without saying a word, she stared at them like a stone-cold sentinel, frozen in place, but ready to spring a trap. Her visor scanned their weapons identifying both pistols as Raven Arms MP-25. Cindy rolled her eyes as she was reminded as to how cheap and unreliable the dinky little pistols were.
The first suspect addressed Cindy through his nylon mask and yelled, “Who the hell are you?”
The second suspect in the meantime stayed focused on the task at hand. He turned to the clerk and said, “I didn’t tell you to stop filling the bag!”
Cindy took one step forward, spooking the thieves to rash decisions.
“Take one more step and I’ll shoot!” he screamed while pointing his low quality pistol at Cindy.
She stared at them without any emotion and took another three steps forward. The fluorescent lights glided across the surface of her suit as the reflections of the suspects warped into view.
“I said, don’t move!” His pistol trembled as doubts clouded the criminal’s mind.
Cindy cracked her neck and rolled her shoulders. “Go ahead.”
“What?” he said flabbergasted. His accomplice, meanwhile, was still bullying the clerk to finish filling the bag. 
The second suspect looked to his accomplice and said, “Dom, we’ve got the money, let’s just go.”
“She’s in the way,” the first suspect snapped.
Realizing that the only way to freedom was through Cindy, the thieves fired all their rounds at her armored skin. The gun shots filled the grocery store with deafening booms of gunfire, amplified by the acoustics within the building. The bullets flew through the air and bounced off her armor like piece of hail hitting a windshield. It made an oscillating clang like a pebble striking a stainless steel pot. Cindy looked down towards her untouched chest and then back up to the two delinquents. The mortified look on their faces filled Cindy with restrained glee.
She cocked her head to the side and said, “I hope you two had a plan B.”


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