A Bitter Winter [The Silver Ninja series. Vol. 1]
On the coldest winter on record, Cindy Ames returned from the dead with a prototype military suit and an obsession with vengeance. She uses this suit to find the criminal who destroyed her life, but the suit has a mind of its own and is secretely taking control of her body.
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NEW RELEASE - NARCO HOTEL [The Silver Ninja series. Vol. 2]
Narco Hotel, The Silver Ninja Vol. 2. A retired super heroine is forced back into killing when a Mexican Cartel threatens to take over New York City.
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The Silver Ninja [Protoype series. Vol. 1]
The Silver Ninja prototype series was written in 2012 before author Wilmar Luna had found his voice and knew little of the publishing world. The first book could be considered a "rough draft" to what is now called, A Bitter Winter.
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Indoctrination [Protoype series. Vol. 2]
The Silver Ninja prototype series was written in 2012 before author Wilmar Luna had found his voice and knew little of the publishing world. This is the second book and final book before Wilmar decided to reboot the series in 2018.
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Jan 26

2023 Project Goals

Happy New Year readers! As has so far been tradition . . . January is officially the month where I write a blog post on my writing and project plans for 2023. Consider this the literary version of the State of the Union or… the State of the Ninja,... 

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Dec 03

Advent Train Stories: The Dreamer

My mother couldn’t tell the difference between now and then, here and there, him or her. She was trapped in a perpetual lucid dream where dead relatives lived again. The heart attack left her crippled and the stroke erased her identity. She had survived several brushes with death only... 

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Nov 17

She-Hulk Attorney was the forty-four years a waste?

After years of legal battles, false starts, and test photo shoots with Bridgette Nielsen, She-Hulk has finally gotten her live-action debut. It took forty-four years to see the sensational jade giantess in live-action form. Was it worth the wait? I guess it depends on what you were waiting for.... 

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Narco Hotel digital cover
Narco Hotel - The Silver Ninja
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Cindy Ames thought her days of assassination were over.

Then the DeMarco’s Cartel invaded New York City.

Day by day they spread their corruption throughout the five boroughs, leading to a rise in beheadings, shootouts, drug overdoses, and police murdering innocent citizens.

Even with the city decaying all around her, Cindy was terrified of transforming into the Silver Ninja. It would mean returning to a life of barely controlled rage and endless violence.

Unfortunately for her, Commissioner Gates knows who the Silver Ninja is and her dark secret. If she doesn’t suit up and help him stop the DeMarco’s, her secret will be exposed, and her family will suffer the consequences.

The price for peace is blood.

She thought a prototype suit would turn her into a superhero. It did. But it also unleashed a desire . . . to kill.

In A Bitter Winter, after a routine security job goes horribly wrong, Cindy Ames realizes she’s not strong enough to protect those she loves. No matter how much her family tries to console her, she can’t stop thinking about the killer who ruined her life.

The only way she could make herself powerful enough to get revenge, is to steal a top-secret, highly illegal suit, developed by her husband Jonas. But incredible power comes with a high price. Innocent blood.

The puppet has become the master, and the hero has become the monster.

A Bitter Winter is book one of The Silver Ninja series.

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