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Sanctifiction: The Darkness at Home
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A Bitter Winter [The Silver Ninja series. Vol. 1]
On the coldest winter on record, Cindy Ames returned from the dead with a prototype military suit and an obsession with vengeance. She uses this suit to find the criminal who destroyed her life, but the suit has a mind of its own and is secretly taking control of her body.
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NARCO HOTEL [The Silver Ninja series. Vol. 2]
Narco Hotel, The Silver Ninja Vol. 2. A desperate police commissioner pulls a damaged heroine out of retirement to take on a powerful drug cartel. In other words, "Suicide Mission."
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The Silver Ninja [Protoype series. Vol. 1]
The Silver Ninja prototype series was written in 2012 before author Wilmar Luna had found his voice and knew little of the publishing world. The first book could be considered a "rough draft" to what is now called, A Bitter Winter.
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Indoctrination [Protoype series. Vol. 2]
The Silver Ninja prototype series was written in 2012 before author Wilmar Luna had found his voice and knew little of the publishing world. This is the second book and final book before Wilmar decided to reboot the series in 2018.
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Civil War by Alex Garland is a film that imagines a dystopian America caught in a second Civil War. California and Texas have united to create the Western Forces while Florida, Alabama, and a few other states form the Florida Alliance. There are apparently two more alliances, but the film

Late Night with the Devil is a supernatural horror that takes place during Halloween night, 1977. Host Jack Delroy, played by the always excellent David Dastmalchian. Attempts a last-ditch effort to save his show Nightowls from cancellation. The gag is to host a special Halloween themed episode full of psychics,

Tokyo Vice is a show on Max (formerly HBO Max) that follows the story of Jake Adelstein (Ansel Elgort) a young American journalist who relocates to Japan in order to make a name for himself. He works for the biggest Japanese newspaper in town called the Meicho Shimbun and quickly

Ninjas! I couldn’t resist an opportunity to post my typical Thursday blog on Leap year. So here it is. I’ve been MIA for the month of February because I was going through some medical issues. I originally wasn’t going to post a blog either but I don’t want to miss

I recently watched this documentary on the making of the video game Blasphemous. Blasphemous was enthralling. It is the only 2d platformer that combined horror and Catholicism in a video game. Towards the end of the video, one of the game developers shared something profound. “I’d like us to be,

Ninjas, There was no November blog post because my website was under maintenance for backend upgrades. As a result, December’s blog post will contain DOUBLE the news. Let’s get started. My guest appearance on The Merry Writer podcast with hosts Ari Meghlen and Rachel Poli If you’re a horror fan

Cindy Ames thought her days of assassination were over.

Then the DeMarco’s Cartel invaded New York City.

Day by day they spread their corruption throughout the five boroughs, leading to a rise in beheadings, shootouts, drug overdoses, and police murdering innocent citizens.

Even with the city decaying all around her, Cindy was terrified of transforming into the Silver Ninja. It would mean returning to a life of barely controlled rage and endless violence.

Unfortunately for her, Commissioner Gates knows who the Silver Ninja is and her dark secret. If she doesn’t suit up and help him stop the DeMarco’s, her secret will be exposed, and her family will suffer the consequences.

The price for peace is blood.

She thought a prototype suit would turn her into a superhero. It did. But it also unleashed a desire . . . to kill.

In A Bitter Winter, after a routine security job goes horribly wrong, Cindy Ames realizes she’s not strong enough to protect those she loves. No matter how much her family tries to console her, she can’t stop thinking about the killer who ruined her life.

The only way she could make herself powerful enough to get revenge, is to steal a top-secret, highly illegal suit, developed by her husband Jonas. But incredible power comes with a high price. Innocent blood.

The puppet has become the master, and the hero has become the monster.

A Bitter Winter is book one of The Silver Ninja series.

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The Darkness at Home
Phase:Rewrites (4 of 7)
Due:8 months ago

Sanctifiction 1: The Darkness at Home

Wilmar Luna’s debut horror story begins when a private investigator is hired by someone or something who may not exist. Alvin Scott Barnabas questions his sanity as he investigates the grisly murder of a family of five.

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