A Bitter Winter [The Silver Ninja series. Vol. 1]
On the coldest winter on record, Cindy Ames returned from the dead with a prototype military suit and an obsession with vengeance. She uses this suit to find the criminal who destroyed her life, but the suit has a mind of its own and is secretely taking control of her body.
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Narco Hotel, The Silver Ninja Vol. 2. What would happen if the Mexican drug cartel turned New York City into the next Juarez, Mexico? In this follow up to A Bitter Winter, Cindy struggles between being a killer for justice and the sanctity of her own soul.
The Silver Ninja [Protoype series. Vol. 1]
The Silver Ninja prototype series was written in 2012 before author Wilmar Luna had found his voice and knew little of the publishing world. The first book could be considered a "rough draft" to what is now called, A Bitter Winter.
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Indoctrination [Protoype series. Vol. 2]
The Silver Ninja prototype series was written in 2012 before author Wilmar Luna had found his voice and knew little of the publishing world. This is the second book and final book before Wilmar decided to reboot the series in 2018.
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Feb 26

How to write your Acts 2 and 3 in a novel

It is February and I’ve made some decent progress on Narco Hotel. In January I resolved an issue with theme and managed to add significant screen time to the villains who were missing for large portions of the book. In my previous blog post, I mentioned how I wanted... 

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Jan 28

2021 update on the progress of Narco Hotel

It’s the start of the New Year and we need to talk. I realized that I haven’t really talked about the actual process of writing a book. What I mean is, I have never talked about discovering theme, fleshing out characters, or rewriting scenes. I have only shared the... 

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Dec 30

Wonder Woman 84 is Boring, Nonsensical, and a waste of your time.

Wonder Woman 84 is a movie whose theme revolves around truth. In every cheesy dialogue scene, the word truth and its value is constantly beaten into the audience’s head. Well the truth is, this movie sucks. I suppose I should start this review by stating up front that I... 

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Placeholder book cover image for the upcoming Narco Hotel novel by Wilmar Luna
Narco Hotel - The Silver Ninja
Phase:Rewrites (4 of 7)
Due:1 month ago

Information on this title is coming soon.

She thought a prototype suit would turn her into a superhero. It did. But it also unleashed a desire . . . to kill.

In A Bitter Winter, after a routine security job goes horribly wrong, Cindy Ames realizes she’s not strong enough to protect those she loves. No matter how much her family tries to console her, she can’t stop thinking about the killer who ruined her life. The only way she could make herself powerful enough to get revenge, is to steal a top-secret, highly illegal suit, developed by her husband Jonas. But incredible power comes with a high price. Innocent blood. The puppet has become the master, and the hero has become the monster. A Bitter Winter is book one of The Silver Ninja series. Click BUY NOW to order your copy and start reading.

What are readers saying about The Silver Ninja: A Bitter Winter?

“Whew – this was the dark-and-gritty superhero story I was waiting for!”Miranda Reads. “It’s refreshing to read about a character (especially a female superhero), who isn’t perfect and has actual problems she must overcome.”Kitiera Morey, Author of Meant to Bleed. “Wilmar Luna has taken the usual superhero saga and deconstructed it, shattering any expectations of the ordinary lawful good hero. Cindy isn’t quite an anti-hero, but she is certainly not playing things by the rules.”Valerie, Cats luv Coffeez blogspot.