The Silver Ninja® is a book series about a futuristic technology that transforms an everyday woman into an unstoppable force.

Jul 31

Trauma Train Part: 1

Hello readers! If you’re already a part of my newsletter, you may want to skip this blog. For the rest of you, I will be posting an excerpt from The Silver Ninja: Narco Hotel. Please note that this is not a final excerpt. This means that the wording, sentence... 

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Jun 28

Update on Projects, The Silver Ninja, and life.

Well it looks like I am overdue for one of my yearly state of the union addresses. In these particular blog posts I talk about my projects, life situations, and goals moving forward. Let’s get started. Projects As of this writing, Narco Hotel is going through the first round... 

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May 25

John Henry – A film that promises you one thing and gives you another.

If you were on Netflix during the month of May, you might have seen a striking image of Terry Crews holding a sledge hammer. His name . . .  John Henry. An ex-gang member encounters two immigrant kids being chased by a Southern Los Angeles gang. It’s up to... 

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Narco Hotel - The Silver Ninja
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Information on this title is coming soon.

She thought a prototype suit would turn her into a superhero. It did. But it also unleashed a desire . . . to kill.

In A Bitter Winter, after a routine security job goes horribly wrong, Cindy Ames realizes she’s not strong enough to protect those she loves. No matter how much her family tries to console her, she can’t stop thinking about the killer who ruined her life. The only way she could make herself powerful enough to get revenge, is to steal a top-secret, highly illegal suit, developed by her husband Jonas. But incredible power comes with a high price. Innocent blood. The puppet has become the master, and the hero has become the monster. A Bitter Winter is book one of The Silver Ninja series. Click BUY NOW to order your copy and start reading.

What are readers saying about The Silver Ninja: A Bitter Winter?

“Whew – this was the dark-and-gritty superhero story I was waiting for!”Miranda Reads. “It’s refreshing to read about a character (especially a female superhero), who isn’t perfect and has actual problems she must overcome.”Kitiera Morey, Author of Meant to Bleed. “Wilmar Luna has taken the usual superhero saga and deconstructed it, shattering any expectations of the ordinary lawful good hero. Cindy isn’t quite an anti-hero, but she is certainly not playing things by the rules.”Valerie, Cats luv Coffeez blogspot.