I need new topics to discuss!

Hey guys,

So I’m running out of topics to write about! As much as I love talking about The Silver Ninja (hence why this website exists) the truth is that I’m hitting a point where everything has to go into the top secret bin. I’m working on a military novella which I can’t talk about; I have scenes written in Silver which I can’t talk about; and the marketing blurb still needs a few more revisions before I can post the step by step process and hopefully some artwork to accompany it.

I’m still reading Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising so I’m not going to have a book review ready and I’m also working my way through the Witch Hunter series and have this and that and a million different freaking things going on at the same time! Aaaaaahhh!! (Plus I’m going on a week long vacation soon.)

What can we talk about guys? Well, I actually have a few topics I’d love to talk about but I have no means of communicating with you. Let’s be realistic here. If you come to read my blog and you get to the bottom and it doesn’t give you an option to leave a comment. You’re gone.

I used to have comments enabled but then spam came in and ruined the day. I know that given the opportunity some of you would like to jump in on a discussion and I’d be more than happy to interact with you. Unfortunately, I’d spend most of my day deleting spam rather than approving legit comments which is frustrating and time consuming. As of right now It says login to leave a comment but that means having a wordpress account which most of you will not have.

Generally this blog talks at you but I’d rather the blog be able to talk with you. If I want to ask you what the definition of a female power fantasy would be, I’d be curious to hear the replies. If you want to share some ideas or topics that you’d like to see discussed, I’d love to do that too. Essentially, I’d like to build a community and I have no clue how I would go about doing that. Ideally, I’d rather get more traffic to the facebook page and have you guys leave comments there but I’m not sure if that’s the best option.

While I figure that out you may notice some slight changes around the website. They will be very minor but helpful for me in preparing for the launch of Edition 2 of The Silver Ninja. No, I don’t have a release date for you yet but I will have pre-orders available once I get close to launch.


Unfortunately, no juicy blog content for you this week but I’ll try to come up with something interesting to discuss soon.

Wilmar Luna

Couldn't be a superhero in real life so he decided to write his own. When he's not creating empowered female characters he can be found watching films, reading books, and playing lots of video games.
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