The last blog post of 2015

New Year's Eve Promo

As I was putting the finishing touches on my edit, I realized that I didn’t have a blog post ready for the end of 2015!

This year has been a good year for me. I love my job, have a good rapport with my co-workers, finally finished writing The Silver Ninja 2.0, and have been able to go on many adventures with my wonderful girlfriend.

For me, 2015 has been blessed, but for others it has been a rough year. If I could take away the grief, heartache, and frustration my girlfriend went through at the end of this year, I would. It has been so difficult and so challenging for her that if I wrote down what had happened, no one would believe me.

Therefore, all of my thoughts and prayers are going to go towards my girlfriend. I hope that I will find the wisdom to help her through her tough times and will have the money needed to provide any financial support that she never asks me to give. She deserves all the good things the world has to offer and not the troubles that the end of 2015 smacked her with.

So here’s to hoping that 2016 will provide many smiles and opportunities.

As for the book. I’ve finished the 1st pass edit on The Silver Ninja 2.0 and will be distributing it to the beta readers come January 2016. I will also be commencing work with my editor so that we can polish and make this book into a masterpiece.

Since a lot of people have complimented my action scenes in the past. Here’s the last excerpt for 2016, hope you enjoy:


“Final warning. Get down or we will shoot.”

Cindy charged the officer. “Open fire!” Flashes of yellow burst across their safety goggles. Dozens of bullets crashed into Cindy’s metallic skin and chipped it piece by piece. Her armor cracked like an eggshell. The outline of her body in her flickering HUD shifted from blue to bright green as she continued to take damage. Cindy grabbed the submachine gun from the lead officer and struck the folding stock into his cheekbone.

Then she spun to face the officers, placed the folding stock against her shoulder, and aimed the MP5 submachine gun at the officers. “Back off,” she yelled. Her finger wasn’t anywhere near the trigger. A second officer swapped out his magazine and fired at Cindy. The bullet hit Cindy’s shoulder and created a shattering sound.

Pain shot through her shoulder and knocked the gun out of her hands. She yelled in anger and lunged at the officer with her hand gnarled like a claw. Cindy squeezed his neck then threw him against his teammates who fell over like bowling pins. Someone grabbed her from behind, hooking two arms under her own, and locked her in a full nelson.

The HUD continued to flicker and the radar which should have warned her about the officer had failed. Another member of the SWAT team with bulging biceps holstered his weapon and approached. The leather on his gloves groaned as he balled his hands into a fist and threw a hook into her abs. Metal clanged, bones crunched, and the officer cried in agony as he clutched his mangled hand. His fingers pointed backwards and sideways and all the wrong directions.

Another officer drew out a serrated knife and thrust it forward. Cindy kicked the knife out of his hand, then lifted her legs into the air and trapped his neck between her ankles. With one officer choking at her feet and the other struggling to maintain the nelson. Cindy rolled over and took the officers with her.

She hated fighting one of her own, even after what was done to her in the precinct. Cindy saw the opportunity for escape and rammed through the exit door. She ran across the carpet and prayed that the grappling hook would work. The tool miraculously launched despite the errors and allowed her to lock onto the Koch theater across the plaza. [AR repaired]

Cindy’s hook shattered through the towering glass pane in the atrium and then pulled her into the air. The audience members covered their heads from the falling glass and pointed at Cindy as she flew above them. An ESU truck was parked in the plaza while police barricades blocked off the area around Lincoln Center.

Cindy stood on the roof of the theater, her arm stinging from the bite of wind. She was bleeding, that was a first. There was the sound of rotors thumping in the air and the wind around her was growing stronger. A bright circle of light flashed around her body and illuminated her armor like a disco ball. Cindy looked up and was blinded by a giant spotlight that left purple after images in her eyes.

Cindy’s helmet crackled with the chatter from the police band radio. “This is Empire 3, I have a visual on the suspect. Have anti material rifle onboard, requesting authorization to use lethal force, over.”

Cindy growled in frustration and made a run for it. She fired her grappling hook and swung as fast as she could to escape the helicopter. “Suspect fleeing. Empire 3 is in pursuit.”

“10-4, Empire 3. Command has granted authorization for lethal force. Good hunting.”

A million curse words ran through Cindy’s mind. The rifle onboard that helicopter packed enough punch to destroy a helicopter in mid-air. With her armor weakened, she didn’t want to imagine what it would do to her body. Escaping the pilot was Cindy’s top priority but she knew it would be a challenge. Lt. Erin Colby was one of the best female pilots in the air unit and wouldn’t be easy to outmaneuver. Cindy missed having lunch with her.

“Suspect is heading south on 10th. She’s trying to lose me between the skyscrapers.”

“Stay on her, Erin. She killed the police commissioner.”

“10-4. We’ll get her.”

Cindy led the helicopter through city alleys. When she went low to lose her in the traffic lights, Erin went high and kept the searchlight on her. Cindy climbed up into the cold night sky and circled around a smoking chimney stack. Erin’s helicopter stayed close behind and blew smoke in all directions. Her helicopter slowly lumbered around the pipe, following Cindy like a tether ball.

Then Cindy remembered the stealth camouflage. She activated the cloak and disappeared from human eyes. “Empire 3 has lost visual on the suspect. She just vanished into thin air.”

Cindy stuck herself to the walls of one of the skyscrapers and watched the helicopter hover nearby, searchlight scanning left and right. “Switching to thermal,” Lt. Colby said. The helicopter slowed to a hover in front of Cindy.

The side door slid open. A slender, long rifle emerged from the side with a sniper aiming the barrel.

Wilmar Luna