A Bitter Winter in 2018

Happy New Years to all my loyal followers and readers.

Now that 2017 has finally drawn to a close, I’d like to recap a few of the cool things I got for The Silver Ninja: A Bitter Winter that I haven’t been able to share with you before.

First up, I received this beautiful render of Cindy escaping from a lab. This was created by artist Antoine Collignon whose work has been featured on Artstation and Cinema 4D banner promos. I meant to post his artwork sooner but I couldn’t quite decide how it should be unveiled. I put it on a few banners, but I think it’s time to formally upload his image to the gallery.

The Silver Ninja lab escape

Next up I received book cover artwork from one of my favorite artists to work with, Jade Law. You’ve already seen her work since I’ve posted it everywhere but it is still deserving of a shout out for this blog.



Lastly, the beta read for The Silver Ninja: A Bitter Winter has commenced and some of the feedback has finally come in. Unlike previous drafts, this version has received a significantly more positive response and one that leaves me confident to publish this book in 2018.

And thus, we seamlessly segue into what’s coming for 2018. Personally, I’m excited for this year because my book, The Silver Ninja: A Bitter Winter is finally going to be published. After three years of writing, rewriting, editing, re-editing, the book is going to at last, make an appearance.

The preorders aren’t available yet. I know some of you want to lock in your order but there’s a few steps I still need to do before I can put them up for sale. Namely, I won’t go into the nitty gritty, but basically I want to make sure how I set up my book doesn’t cause a conflict with the platforms I choose to publish on.

I’m also excited to be putting the finishing touches with my very talented and extremely helpful editor who is going to assist me in polishing this novel into tip top shape. I don’t know if I will have the resources to do an audio book, but that’s definitely on the agenda once the print version is out and available.

I think that once A Bitter Winter is published, I might take a break from The Silver Ninja series and dive into some horror writing. As much as I love writing Silver, this novel required way more energy and stress than I thought possible. You can imagine, rewriting an 80,000+ word novel could take a lot of time. Imagine doing that three times in a row! Not fun.

Anyway, no excerpts to share for today’s blog. I’d like to save those for a later date. In the meantime, thank you all for your patience. Expect this book to make an appearance during the spring of 2018. In the meantime, I will try to get caught up on some book reviews. My first review for 2018 is going to be Declared Hostile by Kevin Miller.

See you then!


Wilmar Luna

Wilmar Luna

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Wilmar Luna
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