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The Mission, the Men, and Me by Pete Blaber is a non-fiction book detailing the true stories of a former Delta Force commander. What might be surprising for you to know is that I was introduced to this book by a video game called Medal of Honor.

It was the end of the Medal of Honor campaign. After the credits finished rolling I decided to hit up the MoH wiki for some behind the scenes information. “The Medal of Honor campaign was inspired by, The Mission, the Men, and Me by Pete Blaber.”

I said, “Wait. This campaign was based on a true story? I have to read this.”

And here we are.

Unlike Medal of Honor, The Mission, the Men, and Me is not about shooting as many bad guys as possible. The Three M’s is a book about leadership.

“The single best thinking and decision-making tool a leader has is to consistently conduct reality checks by asking a profoundly simple question: ‘What’s your recommendation?’”-The Mission, The Men, and Me.

I read this book because I was expecting a novel full of declassified war stories involving the Unit. Imagine my surprise when I got my stories AND several lessons in leadership training. If you’re someone who wants to:  learn how to make informed decisions, become an effective manager, earn the respect of your team, then you will love this book. The tales Pete Blaber includes in the The Mission, the Men, and Me serve as anecdotal evidence that following the Three M’s can turn you into a competent, respected leader.

“How do perfectly smart people make bad decisions? In an organizational context, it’s almost always the result of a lack of shared reality.” –The Mission, the Men, and Me.

To be an effective leader, everyone on your team needs to have a clear idea on what the goal is. Open communications with your squad creates shared reality. Rather than keeping your ideas and plans secret from everyone else, you share them with the group. You fish for feedback, brainstorm ideas, and work together to achieve a common goal.

But what if you don’t give a crap about being a great leader? What if you just want to read about air strikes and brave men going on dangerous missions? The Three M’s has you covered. Every lesson has a corresponding mission to go with it. So if you don’t want an education, just read about how they captured a VIP.

Hint: It involved a gorilla suit.

It’s too bad most of Blaber’s missions are classified. I would have loved to read them all.

The Mission, the Men, and Me gets 5 out of 5 stars.

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