Spring 2019 Update

It’s about that time for another general update. In these seasonal blogs I talk more about my life, what’s happening with the writing, and what’s currently in progress.

Let’s begin.

Spring is one of my favorite time’s of year.

The weather is warm and sunny, it’s not too hot not too cold, and the trees return to their lush green. Unfortunately, it’s been raining almost every day. So not quite the spring weather I was hoping for.

A minor inconvenience to what has been a huge improvement in my life situation. Some of you may know that I left my security officer job back in January.

I am happy to announce that I have started a new job with AV Services and am currently working at Bristol Myers-Squibb as an AV tech. (BMS is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in my area.)

Having an income significantly larger than thirteen dollars an hour has been a huge improvement on my quality of life. With this new job I have begun the process of replenishing my savings account. With the money I’m saving up, I hope to go back to school and save for other . . . important things.

Of course, now that I’m an AV technician. Anytime I can’t connect to the smart TV in my living room with Google Play, I feel obligated to fix it.

I also want to add that fixing teleconferencing setups has been a much more enjoyable and challenging experience than opening doors as a security officer. Fixing technical issues is definitely more my speed.

With the new job I have also been able to afford some new products for my book. Check out the photo below.

Isn’t it freaking cool?

I was super surprised by how good the print quality came out. When you get a banner from a place called https://www.bannersonthecheap.com you can’t help but feel skeptical about its quality. But I followed the instructions they gave me and got a stellar print in return.

I also ordered a table runner from https://www.bannerbuzz.com. I plan on draping it over a white table cloth. My hope is that it will make my table look more professional and appealing to the eye.

These items are also of great significance to me. They are the first, physical manifestations, of turning Silver Pencil Books into a real business.

I don’t plan on owning any physical book stores, but I do want to see if having a presences at conferences will be worth my time.

In regards to school, I am still scheduled to go to Rutgers in the fall, but I don’t know which financial aid option to go with. My job only does morning corporate hours which is the same time I have classes. Once I speak to an advisor in the summer, I will hopefully have a better idea on what my schedule will be like.

So where does that leave us with books? I suppose now is a good a time as any to announce what I am currently working on.

In the past, I have learned not to announce release dates for projects I’m working on. I thought A Bitter Winter was going to come out in 2015. Three years later, it finally came out. Since the delay was so massive, I don’t want to promise any dates that aren’t final.

I also tend to easily trash ideas. So I have to be extra careful about announcing projects in case I choose not to finish them.

My recycle bin is full of pointless tangents and boring dreams. Nothing worth my time or your time. However, I do have one project that has made significant headway. This is the one I will announce.

The next book takes place after the events of A Bitter Winter. Cindy Ames has singlehandedly destroyed over 90% of the New York City gangs. As a result, the city has experienced a golden age free of drug related crime. But the price for peace has had an unexpected consequence. What does a superhero do when a city doesn’t need saving?

My story explores the all too real struggle of not knowing who you are or who you want to be. Cindy is like us. She struggles to figure out what her purpose in life is and what she wants to achieve. And while Cindy is struggling to figure out her identity, Mexican drug cartels are quickly taking over New York City. If she doesn’t sort out her problems, New York City will become the next Juarez. A city ruled by cartels and violence.

I’d like to close this blog out by letting you know that I will be at Harrah’s in Atlantic City, NJ. Look for me on May 29th, 30th, 31, during the author maker showcase. I will be signing and selling books.

Enjoy the rest of your spring!

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A Bitter Winter – The Silver Ninja book 1

A Bitter Winter – The Silver Ninja book 1

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Series: The Silver Ninja, Book 1
Genres: Action Adventure, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Superheroes
Publisher: Silver Pencil Books
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback | E-Book | Hardcover
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9781732221307

A disgraced cop takes matters into her own hands when the murderer who killed her partner comes after her family. To stop him, Cindy Ames fuses with a prototype suit and transforms herself into a superhero.

But the suit has a mind of its own and is determined to execute its hidden agenda.

The puppet has become the master, and the hero has become the monster.

Super powers can save a city but break a hero.

A Bitter Winter is book 1 of The Silver Ninja series.

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About the Book
The ultimate weapon is a woman with a vengeance. In this action packed superhero fantasy, the powerless becomes the powerful. As the Manhattan snow fell on her shoulders, Cindy Ames stared in disbelief at her bloodstained hands. Her fingers ached from violence. All she wanted was revenge for what happened to her sister. She stole a prototype suit and absorbed its incredible power. With it, she tore through criminals and terrorists in search for the killer who ruined her life. But something went horribly wrong. The red liquid pooling in her hands didn’t belong to her or the criminals. The suit has taken control of her mind and is using her body to fulfill its own purposes. The puppet has become the master, and the hero has become the monster. Can she regain control before she takes another innocent life? “It’s refreshing to read about a character (especially a female superhero), who isn’t perfect and has actual problems she must overcome.” – Kitiera Morey, Author of Meant to Bleed. “Wilmar Luna has taken the usual superhero saga and deconstructed it, shattering any expectations of the ordinary lawful good hero. Cindy isn’t quite an anti-hero, but she is certainly not playing things by the rules.” – Valerie, Cats luv Coffeez blogspot. Curious if this is the right book for you? Read a sample chapter and see for yourself!   A Bitter Winter 2018 promo artwork by Alexander Chelyshev
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He found an outlet for his creativity by studying video editing and motion graphics design at Mercer County Community College. After graduating in 2008, he freelanced throughout New York City and has edited numerous indie films, freelanced for the NFL, and also worked with the cinematics team at Rockstar Games. He assisted with the launch of Grand Theft Auto V and was also involved in the creation of cutscenes for Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Wilmar published his first novel in 2012 and his second in 2014. He also published several horror short stories on Wattpad, as well as concept ideas for a gothic fantasy novel. In 2018, Wilmar completed his novel The Silver Ninja: A Bitter Winter, fulfilling his childhood dream to create an empowered, independent, brand new superheroine for a generation of readers hungry for new stories.

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