Mike Heath – Magnus Creative, Summer Update

Due to real life circumstances, there will be no in-depth blog today. However, I still wanted to take this opportunity to thank Mike Heath, Magnus Creative for the incredible work he did on my Silver Ninja banner.

I hadn’t posted any of his artwork on the blog because I didn’t have an opportunity to do so. Now I do.

When I contracted Mike for work, I told him that I needed artwork that I could print out and display at conventions. I had originally contracted another artist, but they got caught up in their own work and were not able to deliver the materials on time.

Mike, on the other hand, was ready to take the project on immediately. Not only did he deliver the artwork on time, he also gave me 5 different variations to choose from! Due to my agreement with him, I cannot show you the images. I can show you the images I printed out.

Woman in combat armor holding an energy blade while drawing a second one.
Artwork by Magnus Creative, Mike Heath

The image above was used as my stand up display poster. I had to make some minor color corrections to make it print friendly, but the end result was a huge success.

Me standing next to the banner and holding my table runner.

These next two images have identical backgrounds but different poses. I had asked Mike if he had a variation showing Cindy’s face and to my great surprise, he did!

The Silver Ninja falling through a neon sky with two swords in hand, surruonded by glass.
Artwork by Magnus Creative, Mike Heath
Alternate version of The Silver Ninja, you can see Cindy's face as she falls past a neon sky.
Artwork by Magnus Creative, Mike Heath
Me and my fiancĂ©e at Burlington County Library (sorry, she’s not a real trekkie.)

Both the image with and without her face were used to create bookmarks! However, I will note that the hot pink in the digital image was not able to be carried over in the print version. The printer limitations made it impossible to keep the original colors.

The Silver Ninja Bookmark

I am extremely pleased with how the artwork came out and it was a pleasure working with Mike. If you’re interested in contracting Mike for work, check out his website below.


Wilmar Luna