Trauma Train Part 4

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Previously . . .

Last month: Cindy’s father told her there was no way to avoid a guilty conscience after murdering someone. Unless she did this . . .

“The guys who crack are the ones who don’t believe in the mission. You understand?”

She shook her head no.

“Everyone thinks they’re the hero of the story. Problem is, it’s hard to feel heroic when you call an air strike on a villager’s house or kill a goat shepherd because he’s going to reveal your twenty to the enemy. What we did for the good of our country made me feel sick to my stomach. I stopped believing in the mission because the mission didn’t feel just. I wanted to kill Mubarizun terrorists, not father’s and son’s. You want to sleep at night? You have to believe in the mission. Take a life to save a life.

His eyes, the same eyes he shared with her sister, became like ice. His voice deepened and his entire demeanor changed. “You have to fight monsters to save a kingdom, not the villagers.”

“I don’t understand. Everyone has a family, Dad.”

“I’m sorry to have to tell you this, Kiddo, but my blood runs through your veins. If you can’t separate bad guy from family guy . . . the apple don’t fall far from the tree.”

“Thank you for talking to me.”

“C’mere, give your old man a hug.”

Her father took her into his powerful arms and squeezed tightly. “If you want to trade places just say the word. Let your old man handle the burden.”

“I’m a grown woman, Dad. I can take responsibility for my actions.” She rubbed his back and finished by saying, “Thank you for caring.”

A scene like this wouldn’t have happened in her teenage years. Now that she was older and more understanding of what he had sacrificed, she was happy to have him back in her life.

Thomas kissed her forehead. “I love you, Kiddo.”

 “I love you too, Dad.”

Wilmar Luna