Intensity by Dean Koontz – Book Review

Intensity by Dean Koontz has a great premise. A woman is hiding under a bed, she sees blood drip in front of black boots. A man she doesn’t know is walking around her room, searching for more victims. The family she’s visiting has already been murdered. Sounds like this... 

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Pete’s Folly Part 2 (A Horror Short Story)

“So what do you think Barnes? Creepy shit, huh?” The officer stood over Detective Barnes in the middle of a busy police precinct. Phones were ringing in the background and suspects were being processed for holding. They were both staring at the suggested playlist which appeared at the end... 

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Pete’s Folly Part 1 (A Horror short story)

Just a little horror short story I wrote to improve my writing and practice. This is part 1, part 2 will come after I’m finished editing it. October 4th, 2013   “Hey everyone, it’s Pete again. Welcome to my ghost hunting Youtube channel. Umm, so yesterday I tried to... 

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