A Horror Treat for Horror Fans

Hello readers, Originally this story was going to be exclusive to newsletter subscribers. After some thinking, I realized this type of content should be segregated from those of you who follow the blog or the facebook page. However, newsletter subscribers still get the advantage of early access, providing feedback... 

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Pete’s Folly Part 2 (A Horror Short Story)

“So what do you think Barnes? Creepy shit, huh?” The officer stood over Detective Barnes in the middle of a busy police precinct. Phones were ringing in the background and suspects were being processed for holding. They were both staring at the suggested playlist which appeared at the end... 

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Pete’s Folly Part 1 (A Horror short story)

Just a little horror short story I wrote to improve my writing and practice. This is part 1, part 2 will come after I’m finished editing it. October 4th, 2013   “Hey everyone, it’s Pete again. Welcome to my ghost hunting Youtube channel. Umm, so yesterday I tried to... 

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