Trauma Train Part 4

Hello readers! This is the final excerpt of the Trauma Train chapter from my novella Narco Hotel. If you’ve been enjoying these little snippets, want to read more, or are interested in pre-ordering the book. You can join my newsletter or like The Silver Ninja facebook page. Please note... 

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The Lost Pariah: Catacombs

Daciana stood before the old man. “We seek a cu—” “Do not speak of cures. There is no need.” He waved his bony fingers to dismiss the girl. “My eyes do not fail me. I can see that neither of you has a misplaced bone nor boils from a... 

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The Lost Pariah: Warakiva

“Hello, hello!” Leo waved his hand then drew back when all eyes fell upon him. “What are you doing here?” Alina said. Leo rattled off a nervous chuckle. “Well, uh . . . I have no place to go m’lady. You saved me from those thieves. My life is... 

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The Lost Pariah: Crow’s Nest

Alina stared at the steaming pastry sitting in front of her. She had cut a triangular hole that led into the seasoned ground beef and vegetables sweating within. Her stomach pained from her earlier meal, but she needed to know, needed to taste, a chance to be human again.... 

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The Lost Pariah: Magic Show

“He comes from the land beyond the dead bog. A land so far removed from the rest of civilization that they don’t even know if it still exists. He has destroyed undead skeletons with his fearsome magicks and has turned men to toads with a snap of his fingers.... 

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