Help me in writing the perfect blurb!

Hello friends!  I NEED YOUR HELP! This is the promo blurb for my book: The Silver Ninja. I need feedback, does it catch your interest, is it corny, does it turn you away from the book? This is not the approved version, I am trying to gather feedback to write back to the editor and tell him what to fix.  The blurb is down below:

It’s been a rough week for ex-cop Cindy Ames. She’s been stabbed, the police don’t have any leads, her husband’s research firm is on the verge of catastrophe, and she was doused by mind-corroding nanobots after sort-of-maybe sneaking into the lab to see him. Now she may or may not be using her new superpowers to assassinate political targets for fun. Can she untangle a bloody conspiracy and fix her life without completely losing her mind? Does she even want to?

This blurb will be viewed on Amazon and any platform that will be hosting the book. I want it to be -perfect- and your feedback on whether you would read the book based on this blurb would be greatly appreciated.

Wilmar Luna

Wilmar Luna

Couldn't be a superhero in real life so he decided to write his own. When he's not creating empowered female characters he can be found watching films, reading books, and playing lots of video games. Buy his books here: