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If I have any writers that follow this blog. I share with you some tips on writing character agency in your stories.

Let’s say one of your locations suffers from a drug cartel problem. (This is what I’m researching for my third book, The Silver Ninja: Ruby.) How would the drug cartels influence the land? What do the citizens do to protect themselves from harm? What are their lives like knowing that they could be kidnapped or murdered at any point in time? What have people done (that they regret) just to survive in a land run by drug lords?

Now write a short story about it or write down how some of the facts from that region affect your plot. Characters and people in general are influenced by the environment they grow up in. Compare the life of a boy who grew up in the slums vs. the life of a boy who grew up in a mansion, very different lives. Create short stories on each of their lives (1,000 words or less); figure out some kind of event that would make for a fascinating story. The rich kid gets kidnapped for ransom; the boy from the slums finds a cache of blood stained money.


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