Kent Rollins a true American cowboy.

Earlier in the month of June of 2014, I was watching the show Chopped on Food Network. This episode was different from the others in that the competition was outdoors in the hot desert and was titled “Grill Masters.” There were three competitors left and one of those competitors was Kent Rollins.

I had to look up the name of the other competitor, but I didn’t need to look it up for Mr. Rollins. You see, I was really impressed by how humble and pure-hearted Mr. Rollins was in his competition. He wasn’t cocky, didn’t brag, or say he was winning the money. He just showed up, cooked as best he could with food he was unfamiliar with and then prayed to God that he would at least win the steak cooking competition because that’s what he’s known for. His competitor (and ultimately the winner) was chef Ernest Servantes. Though these two were noble souls that wished nothing but the best of luck for the other, it was Kent who stood out from the rest.

With his black duster hat and thick handle bar mustache, Kent was a character and a “fella” you could never forget. He comes from Oklahoma and runs a Chuck Wagon that cooks for real cowboys living out on the trail. I wanted Kent to win, but at the same time, Ernest deserved to win as well. In fact, if it was possible for the show Chopped to have a tie, I think they would have given it to the both of them. The decision was so difficult that one of the judges (Amanda Freitag) had tears in her eyes when she finally told Kent that he was Chopped.

Kent hugged his competitor, hugged the judge, and rode off into the dusty sunset.

Yet, I still felt like he was a winner.

Though he didn’t win the money, he certainly caught my attention. His pure and old fashioned way of life really stood out from everyone else. He loves the country, has his sayings like “baptizing” the chicken, has lived out in harsh conditions, and has a very sweet soul. So sweet in fact, that when he arrived in New York City on business for his cookbook, the New Yorkers didn’t know how to react to a guy that tipped his hat and said, “Good morning.”

In fact, why don’t you read a blog about his adventure right here?

After reading his blog, it still put a smile on my face that he didn’t feel the need to put-down the city. In fact, he found beauty in the urban jungle. He held no grudges against the New Yorkers for, you know, being who they are: always in a rush. It takes a certain well raised individual to be able to step out of your comfort zone and still be graceful in a city that ignores you like a homeless person.

So why did I write this blog post? Well, truthfully, it’s because this man’s appearance on a TV show  left a huge impression on me that I think could rub off on you too. There is something about his demeanor, his way of life, his way of speaking that makes me want to experience what he has experienced and to learn how to be as friendly, humble, and warm as he. Though I know how to be diplomatic, I still believe I could learn a thing or two about Mr. Rollins cowboy way of life.

It’s the things we take for granted that we should cherish the most.  I still have a lot to learn and I hope Mr. Rollins has great success with his cook books and chuck wagon.

He’s already got one customer at least.

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