Would you like to beta read my book?

Hey guys,

Don’t really have time for an in-depth blog post this week. Why? Well, I am 98% done with finishing the rough draft of The Silver Ninja! That means that I need to put 100% of my focus into finishing the rough draft as soon as possible so that I can start editing and reviewing the book which is still a long process but easier than creating from scratch.

I’m pretty excited about this mainly because it will finally unshackle me so that I can start focusing on the quality of the writing. That means making the dialogue more believable, the characters more memorable, the emotional moments more powerful, and the prose more enjoyable.


Chapter One is a mess, a disaster even. I don’t want a repeat of the 1st book’s mistakes and the quality of this book must be substantially better than my 2nd book Indoctrination.

So, buried deep within the Goodreads community I actually have a  beta reading group.

If you’re someone who has spare time on their hands to read my work, provide feedback, and want to help me develop this book into an entertaining and exciting read. Then please, feel free to request an invite to the group and I will create a page where you can download a digital copy of the book.

I will in turn reward you based on your participation level. If you submit constructive feedback that helps me to mold the book into a stellar product, then I will be more than happy to send you a FREE, SIGNED copy of the book.

Sound good?

Okay, well I really need to get back to work on finishing this last chapter. This week I expect to start reviewing artwork for what will be the FRONT COVER of the book. I’m eager to see what the artist will bring to the table and look forward to sharing with you all when it’s done.

So friend me on goodreads and request an invite to the beta read.

Have a great weekend!



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