Something from nothing

And then, like all things. Something came from nothing. An explosion that triggered the beginning of the universe. Or was it? Perhaps it was the invisible hands of the creator whose very thoughts became reality itself. What told the rocks, the metals, the isotopes, the gases to come together and be something?

Was it the unseen forces of gravity or did a mystical being command it to be so?

Where did the rocks come from? What started the thread which shaped the very fabric of our galaxy? Humanity has theories and speculation as to how we came to be but they can never agree. Was it God or was it science that breathed life into me?

It is this humble observer’s opinion that both God and science are one in the same. Someone or something must have lit the fuse to create the bang which formed us all. It is through the master foresight of the creator that the snowball became an avalanche. The bang created the sun and its mass created gravity and gravity attracted the elements which formed the basic foundation of life.

Perhaps we were once bacteria, evolved into an amoeba, evolved into an amphibian, further evolved into a mammal. Perhaps we did once share the outstretched and hairy arms of the monkeys, and perhaps those monkeys did eventually become the cro magnon.

Because if we did come from an Adam and Eve, where is the Garden of Eden? Where are the remains of the first humans and the snake that tempted them?

“Where is the proof?” The scientists cry and those who believe in the all-knowing say, “The proof is in your heart!”

Science refuses to believe in the creator, but let he who is without sin cast the first stone. For within science, even “laws” can be broken.

Science once believed that the universe was static, neither expanding nor contracting. Yet thanks to a keen observer known as Edwin Hubble, we now know that the universe is dynamic and shifting and growing. Newton’s Law of Gravity became Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. And Pluto is now a dwarf instead of a planet. Therefore, science is not always an absolute, especially in medicine.

What you should never eat one day becomes a remedy for another.

Therefore both science and religion share the same conundrum. “Where is the proof?”

What if all this time pumping radiation into our bodies only worsened cancer?

What if all this time our prayers have been wasted on a being that merely turned on the lights and did nothing else?

Science can point out hypocrisy in religion and religion can do the same to science. We are divided the same way we are red vs. blue, blacks vs. whites, young vs. old, men vs. women. We refuse to see eye to eye and fail to work together for the common good. For if we truly wish humanity to flourish and evolve into its most intelligent form, religion and science must come to a meeting of the minds.

The world will not be bathed in religious fire and mercury should not be used to treat a minor scrape.

Instead I suggest that we learn and think about this quote from Sir William Bragg, Nobel Prize for Physics in (1915)

“Christianity and science are opposed . . . but only in the same sense as that which my thumb and forefinger are opposed – and between them, I can grasp everything.”

This post was inspired by a pale blue dot. If you haven’t seen the video, you should watch it here: Pale Blue Dot (This is not the original video but I like it regardless.)

Wilmar Luna