A Ninja vs. a Mexican Drug Cartel

Happy 2020 everyone!

If you’re still reading my blog in 2020, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your support allows me to continue writing more books for YOU to enjoy. Lord knows the writing is not always fun.

Since I haven’t had time to read any novels lately, there will not be a book review. So what I’m going to do, is talk about my upcoming novella – Narco Hotel.

If you don’t know what Narco Hotel is, today is your lucky day.

Narco Hotel is book two of The Silver Ninja series before I switch over to writing some horror fiction. In this novella, I pose one simple question.

What would happen if New York City became the next Juarez, Mexico?

Imagine this scenario. The drug cartels notorious for beheading, kidnapping, and killing government officials in public places, have set their sights on New York City.

The NYPD, the first line of defense, has fallen to the cartel invasion.

Some officers have turned in their resignations to protect themselves and their families. Other, more opportunistic officers, have accepted cash offers from the cartel to work as consultants.

With his job on the line, Police Commissioner Patrick Gates turns to the only solution he has left. Order the Silver Ninja to terminate the cartel kingpins with extreme prejudice.

What no one told the commissioner was that Cindy has been shattered by the lives she destroyed as the Ninja. Even under the premise of fighting crime, every lowlife she killed made her feel more like a monster.

Unwilling to sacrifice her soul for power, she vowed to never put the suit on ever again.

However, Commissioner Gates has the fate of the city in his hands and he won’t accept no for an answer. If Cindy doesn’t help him kill the kingpins, she may find her name and photo listed on America’s Most Wanted.

And that’s the premise for Narco Hotel.

To create a believable drug organization such as the DeMarco’s Cartel, I needed to get an idea of how criminal enterprises operated. A lot of homework went into watching gangster shows, documentaries, and non-fiction reading. And I have to say, the non-fiction stuff I read was much more gruesome than anything currently on TV.

Once I had the groundwork laid out for my fictional organization, I had to figure out the economy of crime. Where are they selling drugs? Who are they selling drugs to? How are they avoiding the police? Why aren’t the police fighting back? What will they do to stop rival gangs?

Most importantly, how is all of this going to affect Cindy and the people around her? Will killing these criminals finally push her over the edge?

Although Narco Hotel will be book #2 in the series, the story itself will be half the length of A Bitter Winter. A thirty minute episode compared to A Bitter Winter’s full-length movie.

Although the story is shorter, it won’t be insignificant. You will definitely be missing out on a fun story if you decide to skip this one.

Anyway, that’s all for this month’s blog post.

Thank you for reading!

Wilmar Luna