I thought we all hated the rich? Succession is a show on HBO Max about three siblings squabbling for control of Waystar Royco when it becomes apparent their father Logan Roy can no longer lead the company.Logan has to decide which one of his incompetent kids has the killer instinct

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once is the most insane, off the wall, completely bananas movie I had ever seen and it’s a really, really long title. From now on, I will be referring to Everything, Everywhere, All at Once as EEAAO. Should you watch it? Let’s dive into what all

Physical 100 takes away everything I hate about American competitive gameshows and whittles the concept down to the single most important part of these shows . . . the competitors. As someone who grew up on American Gladiators and have watched American Ninja Warrior, Broken Skull, Road Rules, The Challenge,

Happy New Year readers! As has so far been tradition . . . January is officially the month where I write a blog post on my writing and project plans for 2023. Consider this the literary version of the State of the Union or… the State of the Ninja, lol.

My mother couldn’t tell the difference between now and then, here and there, him or her. She was trapped in a perpetual lucid dream where dead relatives lived again. The heart attack left her crippled and the stroke erased her identity. She had survived several brushes with death only to