How to write your Acts 2 and 3 in a novel

It is February and I’ve made some decent progress on Narco Hotel. In January I resolved an issue with theme and managed to add significant screen time to the villains who were missing for large portions of the book. In my previous blog post, I mentioned how I wanted... 

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2021 update on the progress of Narco Hotel

It’s the start of the New Year and we need to talk. I realized that I haven’t really talked about the actual process of writing a book. What I mean is, I have never talked about discovering theme, fleshing out characters, or rewriting scenes. I have only shared the... 

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Wonder Woman 84 is Boring, Nonsensical, and a waste of your time.

Wonder Woman 84 is a movie whose theme revolves around truth. In every cheesy dialogue scene, the word truth and its value is constantly beaten into the audience’s head. Well the truth is, this movie sucks. I suppose I should start this review by stating up front that I... 

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Top three reasons why you need to publish your crappy novel.

A couple of days ago, I wrote a tweet discussing why you need to publish your novel. I want to further expand on this tweet to explain why I strongly believe you need to publish your novel now rather than wait for it to be perfect. Reason # 1:... 

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Trauma Train Part 4

Hello readers! This is the final excerpt of the Trauma Train chapter from my novella Narco Hotel. If you’ve been enjoying these little snippets, want to read more, or are interested in pre-ordering the book. You can join my newsletter or like The Silver Ninja facebook page. Please note... 

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