Wu Assassins Season 1 on Netflix – How NOT to write a story.

Wu Assassins is a brand new show on Netflix about a man named, Kai Jin (played by Iko Uwairs from The Raid) being chosen as the next Wu Assassin. His task is to eliminate the Wu elementals: earth, fire, metal, water, wood. Considering its strong emphasis on Kung Fu... 

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Mike Heath – Magnus Creative, Summer Update

Due to real life circumstances, there will be no in-depth blog today. However, I still wanted to take this opportunity to thank Mike Heath, Magnus Creative for the incredible work he did on my Silver Ninja banner. I hadn’t posted any of his artwork on the blog because I... 

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Gangster Warlords by Ioan Grillo – Book Review

Gangster Warlords by Ioan Grillo is not a book for the faint of heart. It is violent, brutal, horrifying, gruesome, and terrifyingly real. Ioan Grillo embarked on a journey from the slums of the favelas in Brazil to the ostentatious tombs of Mexican kingpins. Each gang had its own... 

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On Writing by Stephen King – Book Review

There is a reason why On Writing by Stephen King is a recommended read for all indie authors. No matter if you love or hate Stephen King’s work, there is something magical imbued into the words of On Writing. It’s not necessarily a book that will teach you how... 

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Spring 2019 Update

It’s about that time for another general update. In these seasonal blogs I talk more about my life, what’s happening with the writing, and what’s currently in progress. Let’s begin. Spring is one of my favorite time’s of year. The weather is warm and sunny, it’s not too hot... 

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