James by K.S. Marsden – Book Review

Let’s start off with a disclaimer before I jump into this review. I was a beta reader for this book, but I also purchased a copy for myself. So don’t let my beta reader status dissuade you from my review. With that out of the way, let’s dive into... 

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The Cleaner by Mark Dawson (Book Review)

The Cleaner by Mark Dawson is the second book in the John Milton series with 1000 yards being the first. For you first timers like me, John Milton is essentially the equivalent of James Bond without the fancy gadgets or over the top villains.   Well, that’s what the... 

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The Lost Soul by K.S. Marsden (Book Review)

The Lost Soul by K.S. Marsden is a fantasy adventure book where a young girl gets mysteriously transported to the world of Enchena. So let’s start off with the book cover. If you’re a reader who isn’t really interested in reading a book that seems heavily catered to girls... 

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Intensity by Dean Koontz – Book Review

Intensity by Dean Koontz has a great premise. A woman is hiding under a bed, she sees blood drip in front of black boots. A man she doesn’t know is walking around her room, searching for more victims. The family she’s visiting has already been murdered. Sounds like this... 

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Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons (Book Review)

Where do I start with this graphic novel?   Let’s just say yes, this is a masterpiece and yes, I loved and hated reading it. Watchmen is a master class in storytelling. From brilliant use of foreshadowing to memorable characters and plot moments, this comic book/graphic novel is absolutely... 

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