Book reviews are on hold until my book is published

Hi readers, Sorry that I haven’t been updating the blog lately. I have been hard at work trying to get The Silver Ninja: A Bitter Winter line edited before the end of this month. Once the line edit is complete, then I can prep the book for print. Editing... 

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How to Fix a Broken Protagonist Everyone Hates

A Protagonist can be extremely tricky to write. They are the captain’s of the cruise ship and on their shoulders rests the fate of your novel. Sometimes author’s like to take gambles with their protagonist and try to show their ugly side before revealing their good side. This is... 

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How to write a bad ass female character for your novel

In fiction, authors sometimes struggle with writing a bad ass female character that isn’t a Mary Sue. Most authors assume that to create a bad ass female character, she only needs to be great at fighting. Or they make her so physically resilient that even getting hit by a... 

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Writing and Painting are the same thing

While working on edition 2 of The Silver Ninja and my top secret military novella. I realized that writing and painting are the same thing but look different. I would often watch livestreams from Stanley “Artgerm” Lau (who owns the studio I commission for cover artwork) and watch him... 

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I think I’m obsessed

Hi everyone. This week and possibly the next few weeks might be lacking in updates. No, it’s not because I have nothing to share but rather because I’ve fallen into a rabbit hole and the dirt is crumbling underneath my fingers. I am once again enamored with the world... 

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