Writer’s Doubt the Endless Struggle

Doubt is one of those things that never truly goes away, especially if you’re a writer. No matter how experienced you are at writing novels, plays, short stories, poetry, at some point during the creative process you’re going to hit a wall.   “Is this good enough?”   As... 

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Why I Write – Chuck Wendig Challenge

Hey all, Chuck Wendig recently posted a challenge on his blog. http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2015/07/24/todays-flash-fiction-writing-challenge-is-not-about-fiction/   (If you’re not following his blog, you should do so.)   He asks a very simple question. “Why do you write?” To this I say, “Challenge accepted.”   Did you ever see something whether in movies,... 

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How to write an Action Scene for your novel

If there’s one thing I did right on my first two books, it was the action scenes. No, I’m not saying that to stroke my ego or anything like that. This is based off of reader reviewers and beta readers who didn’t necessarily like the book but loved the... 

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Jadie unmasked

For the longest time, I had wanted to see Cindy’s partner in crime and sibling, Jadie rendered by an artist. Finally after many years of waiting, here she is! This was rendered by http://vylla-art.tumblr.com/ I think she captured Jadie’s personality perfectly. She’s goofy, funny, and a pain in the... 

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The Silver Ninja: Indoctrination Excerpt C-22

The beating of drums and cacophony of vuvuzela horns filled the New York City corridors as night fell across the skyline. The streets were near bursting with thousands of people clogging the arteries of the city. Drunk college guys sporting Uncle Sam top hats, lit illegal fireworks. Children with... 

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