How to order – A Bitter Winter

Hello readers! A few people have been requesting copies of The Silver Ninja: A Bitter Winter. I will be more than happy to send you a copy but there is a catch. The 31 books I ordered are pre-release copies for Beta Readers and Friends and Family who requested... 

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The Edge of No Return

Hello readers, I have reached the edge of no return. Beyond this line is a factory which contains a mold cutout of my book. Once I place this stack of papers into the mold, the machine will begin assembling my idea into a physical, tangible paperback novel. As I... 

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A Bitter Winter in 2018

Happy New Years to all my loyal followers and readers. Now that 2017 has finally drawn to a close, I’d like to recap a few of the cool things I got for The Silver Ninja: A Bitter Winter that I haven’t been able to share with you before. First... 

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A Bitter Winter – Beta Read is starting soon!

Hi everyone, This is just a quick blog post to let you know that The Silver Ninja: A Bitter Winter beta read is starting soon. I have sent out the invitations to all interested parties and have built the Kindle, EPUB, and PDF files for the enlisted readers. In... 

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A Bitter Winter is coming (Beta read starting soon!)

Hi everyone, Today, I have a momentous milestone to share with you. The Bitter Winter rewrite, 1st pass edit is now complete! This has been a long time coming on a road fraught with pot holes and dead ends. What started off as a simple science fiction fantasy action... 

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